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I’m Vi, founder of Vitek.

Vitek Digital was founded in 2020 by Viola Cherchi. Formally a Tech VA, her experience working with consultants, entrepreneurs and business owners highlighted a need for down-to-earth tech support with a human edge. 

Vitek Digital has an experienced team of subject matter experts on hand, ready to support you and be your tech side-kicks in business.

Nearly a decade ago, I left everything behind in Italy, boarded a plane to London armed with a few prized possessions and started my life – and business – here. 

In the years after that move, I built experience working with successful entrepreneurs and developing my skills as a Virtual Assistant.

Today, I’m thrilled that I’ve expanded from solopreneur to the proud founder of a team of experts. 

Together, we passionately support consultants, entrepreneurs and fast-paced businesses with their tech and admin, giving our clients their time and focus back. We allow them to hone their core skills, create better business models and concentrate on doing the things they do best. 

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People are talking ...

I have worked with Vi for a couple of years now and honestly she is amazing. She's incredibly efficient and diligent, with a can-do attitude. Definitely an asset to any team; in the time I've known her I've seen her knowledge and expertise expand vastly. I love her approach to learning and honestly cannot recommend her highly enough.
- Toni Martin-Clarke

Viola is a highly competent, energized and ambitious professional. She takes on any challenge and solves it. What delighted me the most when working with her is her radical responsibility and drive to deliver desired results in business. She works tirelessly until solutions are in place. She also communicates honestly and openly at all times. I’d highly recommend working with Viola!
Joanna Blazinska
Career & Certified High Performance Coach Project Manager