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Effective planning and organisation
are crucial for every business owner.

While there are plenty of software solutions for project management and planning, it’s known to be extra effective for you to write down your goals. 

In fact, Forbes explains that you’re between 1.2 – 1.4 times more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down by hand. 




Designed to help you clearly break down your goals for each week,
this planner supports your busy schedule as an entrepreneur.

With 52 weekly schedule & goals pages and 12 monthly finance plans, you can start to use this planner at any time you wish and it’ll carry you through for a whole year!

At Vitek Digital, we also know that work/life balance is key to success, and so we’ve included a bucket list and travel tracker to plan those amazing life experiences. 


This planner has been designed for the female business owner who’s looking for a simple, motivational planner to help schedule her busy work life.

…For the entrepreneur who loves to plan her next big adventure as much as her yearly business goals

…For the woman who keeps track of her finances while planning goals weekly to keep her on track

…For the woman who loves planning and organisation and wants some beautiful stationery to keep her on schedule

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Spiral Bound

Spiral binding for durability and lays flat for easy writing

Undated Planner

Start at any of the time of year to suit. Total pages: 307

Weekly Bucket List Tracker

Keep a list of the amazing life experiences you want to do, and when you accomplish them

Weekly Inspirational And Motivational Quotes

A selection of quotes from inspirational figures to keep you motivated for success

Weekly Schedule

60 weekly schedule pages with space to note appointments, to-do items and reminders. 

Weekly Goals

60 goals pages to track your goals for each week and keep you motivated

Month At A Glance

12 month at a glance pages with enough space to track upcoming events over a whole year

Monthly Finance Tracker

12 monthly finance tracker pages to monitor your financial budget and actual spending/income

Travel Planning Section

Create a wishlist of places you’d like to visit, with space to plan booked trips and keep all the key information together in one place


60+ notes pages for any additional to-do items, inspirational ideas or meeting notes

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